Lavallette's Barnegat Bay access

There are a number of different facilities that are found along the bay shoreline, which is fronted by Bay Boulevard, in Lavallette. By scrolling down this page you can find information about the swimming beaches, other recreational facilities found in the bay parks, parking, the docks, and the boat launch.

Lavallette's bay beaches

one of Lavallette's bay beaches

Many people with younger children prefer the gentler bay waters and shoreline of Barnegat Bay. There are two pay-to-play bay beaches in Lavallette, both of which are guarded by lifeguards during the summer season. You do need beach badges to be there when the lifeguards are on duty, provided you are 12 or older. You can find out all about the lifeguard dates/hours of operation and also all about beach badges at the Lavallette beach webpage.

There are two stretches of bay beach located off of Bay Boulevard that are designated for swimming. One is at the end of Reese Ave and the other is at the end of Washington Ave.

Other recreational facilities along Bay Boulevard

the other bay beach

there are plenty of playgrounds for the kids. Many of these swings and other playground equipment are found at the back of the swimming beaches. Between the two beaches there is an area that has tennis courts, basketball courts, a rollerblade hockey rink (so called, as it is simply a rectangular block of pavement - you need your own goal nets), and shuffleboard courts.

Bay Parking

There is no on-street parking on Bay Boulevard but you can park on many of the streets that connect to it. There are parking lots adjacent to some of the bay recreational facilities. All of these lots require a parking decal to use them. Car stickers are $10 and can be purchased at the beach badge office (next to the police station). This parking sticker system is enforced from Memorial Day weekend through Labor Day weekend.

The docks and boat launch

one of the two lavallette fishing docks in Barnegat Bay

There is a dock at each end of the Reese Street swimming beach. The docks are primarily used by fisherman and crabbers, people that are curious to take a look at the bay, and folks that enjoy watching a lovely Barnegat Bay sunset. If you have any young children it can be a treat to take them for a walk on the dock. They may get to see some blue claw crabs either swimming in the bay or sitting in someone's crab bushel. There are also plenty of birds hanging around, waiting for a fisherman to throw them a scrap of food.

the lavallette Barnegat Bay boat launch

The boat launch is located at the southern end of the Washington Ave Beach, just before the bridge to West Point Island. Here is Lavallette's policy concerning trailers, use of the boat launch, and parking your rig and boat trailer in the bay side parking lots - A separate sticker is required for any motor drawn vehicle or trailer parked in any of the Municipal parking lots on the bay front and allows use of the municipal boat ramp. Trailer Stickers are $50.00 and are to be permanently affixed. Stickers are available at the Beach Badge Office. Commercial Trailer Stickers are available for $100.00 and are required all year. You will need to have a parking sticker for your truck too (see above for more about parking fees and stickers). Trailer stickers are required seasonally (during the summer ), commercial trailer stickers are needed all year.

the lavallette gazebo

The Gazebo

Many events take place at the Gazebo throughout the summer, both for town planned functions and for events organized by non-municipal folks. If you would like to hold an event there you must send a formal written request to the town, then receive notice back from them that you have permission to use the Gazebo, and agree to abide by the rules established for its use (see the town website for more information). Otherwise, as numerous signs around this facility state, it cannot be used for holding impromptu events.

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